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  • Asterokosmos

    Asterokosmos includes 17 amazing Funfair Rides, 2 Ice-Skating rinks, Village of the mischievous Elves with the 4 amazing interactive Elves homes and the shows “Elves in action”, the acrobatic shows,[…]

  • 32nd Philoxenia – International Tourism Exhibition

    The International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia for 30 years now remains the most important meeting point of the tourism professionals from Greece and the Balkans welcomes you to Thessaloniki International Exhibitions[…]

  • Thessaloniki Food Festival

          The Municipality of Thessaloniki hosts a non-stop food celebration showcasing local cuisine, culinary traditions, gourmet trends, and parallel events like talks, presentations, workshops and exhibitions. Weekly discounts[…]

  • 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

    Faithful to its established annual appointment, the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival will take place November 3 – 13, 2016. With renewed vision and a strong dedication to independent cinema, the Festival will[…]

  • Summer Time tips for your kitchen

    Cooking during summer can be a truth blast, with all these light and fresh flavors! Unfortunately, sometimes the heat and the bugs makes it difficult to enjoy it. The chef[…]

  • Salad with Penne and Tuna

    During summer we usually prefer light and refreshing dishes, with fresh ingredients. The chef of Le Palace Art Hotel, which is located at the center of Thessaloniki, Antonis Theodorakis and[…]

  • 2nd Yedi Kule Conquest in Thessaloniki

    To highlight the culture and especially the monuments of Thessaloniki, the 2nd Yedi Kule Conquest 2016 is going to take place on Sunday 12 June.This six kilometers race, centered at[…]