Thessaloniki; The most romantic city


The city of Thessaloniki has a lot to boast about and stands out for just as much. Ancient myths and modern urban ones, culinary flavors with rich aromas, architectural relics of the glorious past, and unpretentiously romantic daily habits of the locals spread a veil of eroticism in the urban center of the city. Two concepts hardly go together, but not in the “Nymph of the Thermaic Gulf”.

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Elements that undeniably radiate eroticism have their origins in the East, and these are pervasive in the city of Thessaloniki. From the architecture, the local gastronomy, and even the human relations, the influence of the East in Thessaloniki is evident in every way. Thessalonians have kept a slightly more relaxed lifestyle than other urban landscapes. The smile, the humorous mood, and the personal contact are characteristics of their social life and are easily distinguishable to anyone who visits the city from the very first moment. Besides, Thessaloniki is famous for long-hour outings in vibrant small bars and secular cafes, while meetings in taverns and restaurants that are filled with loud laughter, rebetika songs and always accompanied by local wines and dishes are a favorite habit that makes contagious this charming atmosphere.


Another characteristic – and perhaps the most important – that differentiates the lives of the residents is the daily walks. The distances between destinations are often short in the city center and this favors walks both in the picturesque narrow streets and on its waterfront. There are quite a few neighborhoods that keep living elements of previous centuries either architecturally or functionally and this is something that can enchant you. Ladadika, Bit Pazar, and Xyladika in Athonos Square are just some of them, while at the same time, the waterfront presents, undoubtedly, the most romantic “face” of Thessaloniki. From the harbor to the Concert Hall, the seafront is an attractive spot for many reasons, but the sunset is what captivates anyone who happens to be by the sea at the most romantic time of the day.

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Of course, the view of the sunset is just also impressive from the Upper Town, which is an area of Thessaloniki that celebrates romance. The well-preserved retro neighborhoods, the Byzantine buildings, and the view of the city from above take you for a while to another era and bring you closer to the man next to you, and for this reason, perhaps it is the definition of romance for this city.


All these small daily elements of the Thessaloniki culture tend to discharge – even for a while – the person from the demands of modern life and to relax the body to accept the contact with nature, culture, and finally… the human being. After all, this is why Thessaloniki has always inspired people to express themselves artistically and even to honor it through their art. And, also, this is why the city was loved. Over the centuries it received and embraced cultures, that left their mark, and thanks to them the city of Thessaloniki today is a city full of passion for life.

Text: Eleni Ntouvaleti

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