Traditional greek breakfast

Our hotel is famous for its traditional Greek breakfast and its gourmet dishes alike, the rich buffet and the quality ingredients used. In fact, it has been accredited by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in respect of “Greek Breakfast” Programme.

Our chef, Antonis Theodorakis, and his team select Greek fresh and pure season’s ingredients to prepare the breakfast dishes, which are renewed on a daily basis.

Traditional bread and pastries

Fresh bread, including whole wheat bread with eight seeds, white, countryside pleated bread, sesame baguette are baked in our kitchen every half an hour, while pies are always on the day’s menu. The smells of spinach pie, cheese pie, pepper pie and Antonis’s special creation, namely the traditional Thessaloniki bougatsa, fill in the breakfast room of Le Palace Art Hotel.

Salty flavours

Freshly-baked bruschettas, royal eggs, luncheon meat and cheese pies along with the luncheon meat and cheese mix make up the salty flavours available in our buffet.

Sweet temptations

Antonis is also specialised in sweets! Our customers love our chocolate pie, orange cake, apple pie, ravani, brownies and the traditional chocolate halva.

Fresh, home-made jam

Our buffet offers fresh, season’s jam. In summer, we make strawberry, apricot or peach jam, while apple, pear and carrot jam are offered in winter. Our chef always selects fresh season’s ingredients for you to lick your fingers!


For those who like to be on a healthy and balanced diet, our breakfast menu always offers tahini, thyme honey, kephir, hand-made muesli, dried and fresh fruit as well as bread, round, crispy bread and whole wheat cereals.

Breakfast is served in a cosy and friendly environment overlooking the vibrant, commercial Tsimiski street.

You can enjoy your breakfast in your room at an extra charge of €1 per order.


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