We are a Family Friendly Hotel

Hey you, little guest, you want to know something? We want you to have fun at Le Palace Art Hotel, so have created a homely environment offering security and comfort in our family rooms. We have become a family-friendly hotel!

If you are very little, we have a special bed for you and an ecological Coco-mat pillow, which is small and soft consisting of 90% goose feathers and 10% goose wings.

We have ensured your safety and comfort in the bathroom, by installing anti-slippery mats in the bathtubs, a potty and children’s seats for the toilet to suit your size, a small stair for the water basin so that you can reach and wash your little hands.

But we have also thought about your entertainment, so that you never get bored in the family-friendly room of our hotel.

You can play with the toys we have chosen for you.

You can also make a puzzle or draw.

And if your mum needs to prepare your milk or tea, she can do so easily with the kettle available in the family room.

We have also made arrangements for your meals!

Ask the chef to prepare for you whatever you crave right away.

(But please don’t ask for pasta every day, all right?) In our morning buffet you will find interesting food to eat by sitting on the specially-designed eating chair and having that high-class look, since Antonis, our chef, is inspired every morning.

Ask him to make egg toasties, creams, toasts, children’s cereals and don’t forget to taste his pies!

They are delicious!

And one more thing:

When you get to Le Palace, a small surprise gift, will await you as a token of how pleased we are to have you with us.

We will be glad to hear from you about how we can improve our services to be more suitable for babies and for older children, too.



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