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28 May 2024

Thessaloniki; The most romantic city

The city of Thessaloniki has a lot to boast about and stands out for just as much. Ancient myths...
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3 Oct 2023

Experience the Magic of Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki

Dear Traveler, September is here, and the city of Thessaloniki is at its best! There are so many cultural...
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8 Sep 2023

Thessaloniki International Fair: The greatest event of the city

September is here and the city of Thessaloniki enjoys the most vibrant atmosphere of it. There are several cultural...
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1st photo950 food 1
18 Apr 2023

Food in Thessaloniki

Food and Thessaloniki are two interrelated words. The dining experiences in Thessaloniki are famous and Thessaloniki has every reason...
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Koulouri Thessalonikis
13 Jan 2023

Koulouri Thessalonikis: the famous, crisp “brand of the city!

It is certain that in a photo of the city you have seen an irregular circle full of sesame,...
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Mountain Olympus
5 Jan 2023

OLYMPUS: The mythical mountain of the 12 Olympian Gods

Olympus is the most famous mountain worldwide! With its shape, the tall peaks and the wild charm of its...
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Pozar Healing the body and the Soul
16 Dec 2022

Pozar, Healing the body and the Soul!

Do you feel tired from everyday life and the rhythms of the city? Just a few kilometers away from...
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