Thessaloniki International Fair: The greatest event of the city


September is here and the city of Thessaloniki enjoys the most vibrant atmosphere of it.

There are several cultural events that take place in the cosmopolitan city this month, and the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair is the greatest of all.

Thessaloniki International Fair is an institution; an established exhibition event that is linked to the modern history of Greece’s economic and cultural growth.

Since its foundation in 1926, it has never stopped to reflect the momentum and trends of domestic and international entrepreneurship. At the same time, during a 9-day celebration, it hosts and organizes several entertainment events for all ages. Among other ones, the most popular entertainment events of all are the concerts where favorite local artists perform known songs and this is why they are the highlight of every single day for the visitors.


Furthermore, TIF is the annual meeting point of Greece’s given political leadership with its citizens, aiming to inform them about its political and economic agenda for the upcoming year, while every year one country is honored by the municipality of Thessaloniki for its friendly bonds. This year’s honored country is the neighboring state of Bulgaria.

A fun fact many people do not know is that during the fair in the 50s, the favorite Greek cold instant coffee, known as frappe, was created by a local. The truth is that it was invented by accident by a representative of Nestle who would like to enjoy an instant coffee, but he didn’t have any hot water. So, he mixed coffee, sugar, water, and ice in a shaker and then – voila! The most popular iced coffee in Greece was made for the first time!









The stories of this festive fair are so many, and you shouldn’t miss creating yours because there are so many things you can find out about the local community, and you can also be a part of the crowded audience of the concerts.









For the upcoming events at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center, you can visit the official website of TIF 

Text: Eleni Ntouvaleti

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