Art Recyclable Project

«Before I had one life with an expiration date. And this date arrived. But I couldn’t do anything to change this predetermined course. In Le Palace Art Hotel, however, I can have one life more, a second chance. They made me more creative. I will not be just for single-use, but useful. I will not be just one bottle. I can be different things. For example I could become a jar with beautiful flowers to care about, or a work of art. I can change my look, have colors, convey messages and stir up the sensitivity of the people who face me; Roles that I didn’t have in my previous life. When people are sensitized they smile and I am also happy for being able to contribute. It’s priceless to have one more chance.».

With recycling:
– Waste and waste management problems are reduced
– Energy and natural resources are saved
– The pollution of the environment is limited
– Better living conditions are created

In Le Palace Art Hotel, we transform recycling into art. We use it as an input to create something new.
We give life to something old, making use of it. Recycling is not just a simple act.
The protection of the environment becomes a way of life.

If you had a second life, what would you like to be?