Pozar Healing the body and the Soul

Pozar, Healing the body and the Soul!

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Do you feel tired from everyday life and the rhythms of the city? Just a few kilometers away from Thessaloniki (110 km) you can discover a completely relaxing destination with the rare beauty of nature. Spas created by nature, promise physical and mental healing.

The healing properties of the thermal waters of the Pozar baths in the magical outdoor natural pools, where nature has imposed a completely picturesque landscape overlooking Mount Vora, northwest of Aridea, will rejuvenate and relax you from everyday life in the city.

Pozar Baths

The thermal waters penetrate to the ground at great depth, are heated and rise again to the surface as they are enriched with minerals and trace elements. At a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius they gush, creating a feeling of well-being. The waters of the thermal baths are also known for the positherapy (drinking water as a treatment of the body) stimulation and relaxation. A destination that offers an escape to a natural spa at an altitude of about 400m. with the imposing landscape embracing you. The way back is relaxing, the body is full of well-being and the soul is grateful and happy for the gifts of nature!

Some Useful Travel Tips

  • Don’t forget your swimwear and a towel/bathrobe!
  • Lockers with key are available at the area of the thermal springs so that you can store your personal belongings
  • You can rent a towel from the area. The cost is 1,50€/towel
  • There are numerous changing rooms with hairdresser for your personal care.

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