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Koulouri Thessalonikis: the famous, crisp “brand of the city!

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It is certain that in a photo of the city you have seen an irregular circle full of sesame, starring bigger than the White Tower! If you are wondering why the answer is one and only!

We are referring to the most beloved snack of the inhabitants of Thessaloniki and now it is a favorite of visitors and tourists! The only snack that bears the name of the city. The famous bagel of Thessaloniki awakens the senses. Its scent takes you to other times, full of nostalgic memories. The bun sellers coming from Istanbul, they were walking in the heart of Thessaloniki and shouting “here is the hot bun!”.

Koulouri Seller

It was fermented in Istanbul and came to Thessaloniki by the refugees, from the Byzantine years. It has a special shape and rich sesame that covers it. Crispy, fresh is a healthy snack in the daily life of the inhabitants, ideal for every hour, especially for breakfast.

It started in Thessaloniki but its fame spread throughout Greece, even holding its name, Thessaloniki’s bun. In recent years, as it has been at the center of famous chefs, it has been combined with other flavors as stuffed with cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables, and even avocados! Do not forget to try this with raisins!

The bun that came “from the old” justly won a place in our lives, giving us daily energy, as its nutritional value is great! So a trademark in the city of Thessaloniki, do not leave if you do not try it and especially if you do not take a Photo. Socials love it.

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