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OLYMPUS: The mythical mountain of the 12 Olympian Gods

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Olympus is the most famous mountain worldwide! With its shape, the tall peaks and the wild charm of its nature fascinated the prehistoric man who inhabited the foothills. It’s not the altitude that gives this fame, but these first inhabitants who created the legends and myths that later attributed the 12 Olympian Gods to the Ancient Greeks. As a result the Greek Mythology is inseparably connected with Olympus giving the worldwide brand awareness and making it a main feature for thousands of tourist all year round!

It’s the tallest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2.918 meters and was the residence of the 12 “Olympian” Gods, where its highest peak called Pantheon (or Mytikas) was considered to be their meeting place. According to legend, they dwelled in the canyons, the “folds of Olympus”, as Homer used to call them, where also their palaces were located. The throne of Zeus, today’s “Wreath”, was dedicated exclusively to the leader of the gods, who used to unleash his thunders from there, showing his «Divine rage».

Olympian Gods

Together with Zeus the 12 Gods are Hera, Estia, Demeter, Neptune, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Mars, Aphrodite and Hephaestus.

At the foothills of Mount Olympus is found Dion, the sacred town of the Macedonians dedicated to Zeus and the 12 gods. Every year the ancient ritual of “Dia” used to take place and the temple of the father of the gods was the epicenter. The selection of the location of the sanctuary of Zeus was indicated by divine signs such as the crystal clear waters gushing from the springs and the various centenarian trees that the frequent thunderstorms strike during summer storms. There, were also celebrated the athletic competitions called “Olympia in Dio” as well as winning ceremonies and sacrifices.

The Archaeological Museum of Dion operates since 1983 in Dion and exhibits findings such as statues, memorial stones, ancient coins and various objects that were discovered in the wide area of Pieria.

Today, Mount Olympus is a trademark of Greece and forms the first National Park. It is recommended for trekking routes, exploration of the rare flora and fauna, climbing and “conquering” its various peaks. Many nature lovers enjoy daily a beautiful walk across Enipeas Canyon, discovering the various old monasteries and traditional shelters. The secret “vathres” (natural small lakes) offer also enchanting images into the verdant forest. It is a destination with many points of endless view that offers moments of total serenity and relaxation due to this divine aura that’s impossible not to feel!

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