Excursions with Ammon Express

A roadtrip to history, to civilization, to the natural beauties of Greece and a totally unforgettable experience in a day-trip, this is Ammon Express.

Ammon Express travels you daily to priceless destinations of cultural and environmental value; pieces of the historical heritage located just a couple of hours away from Thessaloniki and Athens, ideal for daily escapes along with friendly escorts-archaeologists.

Meteora, Vergina, Mount Athos, Edessa, Mount Olympus and Kerkini Lake, are some of our daily excursions from Thessaloniki.

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In summer 2015, as I was driving towards Vergina, I put myself in a traveller’s place who is visiting the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece. I imagined a guest who comes to our land in order to get to know closely the Greek history, experience the Greek hospitality and feel welcomed. All these guided me to come up with the idea of a cultural tourism company that offers to a visitor, excursions and day trips on a daily basis, with the possibility to book online, with direct itineraries, accompanied by experienced trip attendants-archaeologists.were the thoughts of the General Manager of the company. Ammon Express, was founded in the winter of 2016, is an innovative company which consists of experienced professionals with fresh ideas and strong experience in the field of Greek Tourism and Culture, responding to the demands of the society and the new technologies. The experience in this sector, the knowledge of the object, the connection with the Greek and International market and the support of the activities with the use of modern technology, are the basic tools of the Ammon Express team..

In the summer of 2017, the excursions of AMMON EXPRESS started from the city of Thessaloniki, where the headquarters are also situated.

A large piece of World Heritage, that millions of visitors wish to experience and enjoy each year, belongs to Greece. The fact that in a 5-month operating period, more than 2.000 travellers, from 65 different countries joined us, confirms the above desire. With more than 15 destinations in Thessaloniki and Athens and brand new services to offer, such as walking-talking-food and interactive cooking classes, AMMON EXPRESS continues to offer high-level services.

Our local escorts will make you feel like a Greek and treat you like a best friend!