Le Palace Art Hotel Goes… Green


In Le Palace Art Hotel we love green! Wherever that is! Therefore, we have made a step towards providing you with added value services and adopting an environmental management system, thereby acquiring the identity of the environment-friendly hotel.

Thanks to our efforts, we have been awarded the bronze-level title “Green Leaders” by the global review organisation, TripAdvisor.
In particular, we implement programmes to save energy, reduce the use of water and manage waste. Recycling is present in all of our processes and we utilise natural gas as the primary source of power. In addition, we support the local and Greek economy by choosing Greek products to the extent possible and promote the cause of non-government organisations, such as “The smile of the child”, with relation to the protection of socially vulnerable groups.

Our green achievements:

filoImplementation of a recycling programme We recycle the materials in the rooms, the kitchen, the offices and the maintenance department. There are also recycling bins in all common areas.

filoImplementation of an energy and water monitoring system.

filoWe have reduced our electric power usage by 22.5% per person per overnight stay compared to 2013.

filoWe have initiated an on-the-job environmental training programme.

In Le Palace Art Hotel, we wish to make a difference and leave our mark by doing our best for you! We are committed to establishing and adhering to certain goals in terms of quality, environment and our human resources and make use of the necessary resources aiming at continuous improvement.

For us, protecting the environment is a way of life!


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